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Turnkey solutions

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In construction, the “turnkey” formula indicates that the contractor, or the supplier, undertakes to ensure that the customer gets a product or service complete with all the services necessary for the work to be fully usable without the need for additional costs or interventions.

For example, a “turnkey” car means that the price includes a discount, ancillary registration costs, drafting of the contract and taxes of the same, or even a “turnkey” website will already include every estimate and functioning .
In the context of renovation, the term “turnkey” indicates a service in which the contractor undertakes to complete the work and deliver the renovated home ready for use, with functioning services and furniture suitable for the new spaces.
However, there are some advantages and disadvantages for both parties.

If the customer’s benefits translate into knowledge of the final price of the product or service, without additional costs upon delivery of these and the possibility of choosing the product and its services on the basis of predefined models, for the entrepreneur the benefits consist in advantage from a commercial point of view and in the possibility of choosing subcontractors to establish with them the convenient prices of the works to be carried out on the basis of models, prototypes already made or predefined specifications.

The customer’s disadvantages, on the other hand, consist in a limited possibility of customizing the project during construction and the risk of paying a higher price than a contract with unitary prices, while the entrepreneur faces the risk of a final costs higher than the estimate and the risk of penalties for any delays in delivery.
In the context of time lapse, with “turnkey devices” we refer to devices supplied by companies that are ready to be used, including in the final price the installation of the device, any platforms, the shooting of images, monitoring in time real, the creation and post-production of a finished time lapse video.