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How to make a timelapse

To make a timelapse video you need to have a special device that takes photos at regular intervals and allows you to save the frames. Then, the images obtained will be processed and edited into a single video that will be reproduced at high speed. Making a video with this technique requires a few steps:

  1. Carry out exposure measurements to be able to capture the phenomenon that interests us: for example, if we want to shoot a sunset, you may need to switch from light to a correct exposure for the dark that will follow.
  2. A stable support that allows you to adjust focus and exposure values ​​easily: a solid tripod that does not compromise shooting, good framing, etc.
  3. Calculate correct shooting times and intervals: the shooting interval will differ according to the speed of the event. A few examples: the exposure time for people walking will be 0.2 seconds and the interval between shots 2 seconds, otherwise it will be for sunsets, which require an exposure time of 0.1 seconds and an interval between 3-4 second shots