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Equipment for timelapse videos

Nowadays, there are many mobile apps that allow you to make timelapse videos. However, when it comes to important events, that last hours, days, months, and require important investments, it is essential to turn to professionals, so that nothing is lost and the best achievable result can be obtained.

To create  a professional timelapse specific devices are needed: cell phone cameras, compact cameras or wearable cameras are not designed to perform this function, nor to operate continuously for years in the most adverse weather conditions.

There are numerous companies and start-ups which, to date, operate in the time lapse camera market and which are differ in terms of performance, services and device characteristics.

Contacting a professional working in the sector means saving time, costs and energy. For lawyers, engineers and new technology experts keeping up with current regulations that are updated frequently  require significant investments, and which can be reduced to a minimum by turning to leading companies in the time-lapse sector, which provide support not only on the quality and yield of the final result, but also for the legal aspects, the efficiency of the service, the reduction of risks. These are just some of the benefits you can get.

To date, many companies use certified devices resistant to construction site issues: temperature changes, vibrations, dust entry, etc. On the market there are professional instruments that are easy to install, highly customizable according to different needs, with interchangeable optics and equipped with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to new technologies, professional time-lapse devices use integrated platforms that allow you to constantly monitor the construction site, wherever you are, with any device (tablet, PC, smartphone).